Council for Indigenous Education in Manitoba (CIEM) exists to illuminate Indigenous people’s rich culture, history, perspectives and ways of teaching and learning by creating opportunity to engage all stakeholders who wish to advance Aboriginal education in both provincial and federally funded schools.

Our annual conference creates an opportunity to build from the work of educators who are integrating Aboriginal perspectives and who wish to share their insight and experience with others.

Although we are affiliated with the Manitoba Teachers Society, these initiatives exist to ensure Indigenous voice and presence is authentically available within public education through our own endeavors.

We believe Indigenous ways of teaching and learning can enrich learning experiences for all learners while supporting academic success for Aboriginal learners.

We also exist to advocate for support for Indigenous educators along with their allies who in some cases meet resistance or lack support to continue this important work. With that said, we recognize the importance in teaching others about important contemporary and historically unresolved issues such as Treaties, Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and girls, as well as issues that may affect our rights as Indigenous peoples.

By incorporating accurate learning opportunities with Aboriginal peoples we can create a more cohesive society that not only honors our perspectives but all our relations.