“The best life lived is the life lived in support of others.”

– Don Amero, Indigenous Singer Songwriter

The CIEM website provides an online space centred on the teacher and student community where sharing and learning can take place across school divisions. Here, Manitoba teachers can stand united in moving forward towards reconciliation for all students.

About CIEM

The Council for Indigenous Education in Manitoba is a non-profit Special Area Group of Educators affiliated with the Manitoba Teachers’ Society. Our annual conference creates an opportunity to build from the work of educators who are integrating Indigenous perspectives and who wish to share their insight and experience with others.

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Executive Board

  • Co-Chair (mentor)
  • Co-Chair (mentee)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Conference Chair – Workshops
  • Conference Chair – Food
  • Southern Manitoba Rep
  • Northern Manitoba Rep
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Past Co-Chair
  • SAGE Council Rep