Inspiring Students with Gord Downie’s Secret Path

I am sure Gord Downie is on the minds of many Canadians, with his passing on Tuesday October 17, after his well known battle with brain cancer.  Many know Gord Downie as the charismatic frontman of the Tragically Hip, a well loved Canadian band from Kingston, Ontario.  During his final tour he used used his opportunity and […]

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Reconciliation through Art, Sargent Park School

An Indigenous worldview is one that sees relationships: relationships within oneself; relationships with other human beings; relationships with all aspects of life in the circle we call the environment; and relationships with the unknown, unseen mystery often named in Indigenous terms, the Creator which includes ancestors and the energy of all life forms. The Truth […]

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Principal Luba Krosney’s Reflection on Reconciliation

The journey to help students understand the road to Truth and Reconciliation is not an easy one, yet is of paramount importance at a time where we are called to respond to Canada’s dark past of Residential Schools.  How can we make it meaningful, powerful and relevant for students in a way that they are […]

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Ojibwe Creation Story of Turtle Island

Kitche Manitou, the Great Spirit, had a vision, a dream. He made the earth, the rocks, water, fire and wind. He made the plants, animals, fishes, birds, and insects and then the Original People, Anishinabe, last. There are beliefs and experiences that Native People hold in common.  Most important are the beliefs pertaining to the […]

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The Power of the Drum

The Inuit peoples often have the Supreme Being called Sedna as a central figure in their mythology. Many different myths surround her, but the people usually view her  as the creator of all life, animal and vegetable. In his landmark study, The Central Eskimo (originally published 1888), Franz Boas explained how the people had important […]

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